Saturday, June 20, 2015


Sorry it has taken me a couple days to post this first "way to save." We were having some issues with our internet and then life just gets busy, you know?'s website to share with you is Ebates.

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Ebates basically pays you a percentage back on online purchases. So if you spend $100 at, they'll pay you $2 back. Different websites pay out different percentages (for example, Walgreens pays 4%, but Walmart only pays 2%) and sometimes the percentage amounts change (for example, sometimes Walmart might pay 1% back and other times it might pay 2% back.)

The way it works: before you go shopping online, go to your account on, search for the online retailer, click on "shop now" and Ebates will redirect you to the retailer's website and then you do your shopping like normal. It will keep track of what you spend and pay you back accordingly.

What I like about Ebates:
*I get money back on things I was planning to buy anyway. It's seriously like getting free money.
*They pay directly to your paypal account.
*They are easy to use.
*The cash out minimum is $5, which is pretty low in terms of what these websites and apps require before cashing out.
*$10 Walmart giftcard for signing up and using them once. Awesome deal!!

Cons of Ebates:
*The payouts happen only 4 times year (on their schedule - you don't get to pick when you get your money.) If you haven't saved up at least $5 before the "pay period" ends, the money rolls over to the next pay period and you have to wait another 3 months to get your money. But hey, it's free money, so I don't mind waiting.
*You have to remember to visit the Ebates website before you go to,, etc.

Anyway...I really like Ebates and if you haven't tried it yet, you should - try it just once and you get a $10 Walmart gift card! And then keep using it to get more! I've been using it for about 7 months and I have gotten almost $50 just for buying stuff online that I would have bought anyway.

Here is the referral again: Click HERE

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