I've Heard...

I've been catching myself use the phrase "I've heard..." a lot. It's usually followed by something I've been told but I have no source to back up the claim. I think we all do it. We hear something on TV or from a friend and we go about thinking it is true when if you were to really stop and think about it, you have nothing to back up that claim and/or your source isn't exactly one that would be considered reputable. So I've complied a list of some of the weird/funny things that "I've heard." I have no idea if it is really true and for the sake of this blog, I don't really care if it is true. The point of this is not to claim it is true or that it is false. It's just for fun. And I plan to add more as I catch myself using "I've heard" statements. So here goes:

I've heard...
*Eating 10 gummy bears a day can help prevent osteoporosis
*If you want your children to become bilingual, the most success comes when both parents speak both languages in the home
*There is an enzyme in pineapple that helps cure blocked breast ducts when breast feeding
*Having your cellphone on vibrate uses more of the battery power than having the volume on
*Tapping a soda can before you open it helps prevent the can from "exploding"
*25% of engaged couples will break off the wedding
*80% of couples with a child with Asperger's syndrome will end up divorced
*The highest divorce rate of any demographic is gay marriage of two women and the lowest is the gay marriage of two men
*The person who is fastest at Morse Code is faster than the fastest texter
*Mapleton, Utah is a residential city and isn't allowed to have business establishments
*Stores with greeters at the door are less likely to be victims of shoplifting
*Women are more likely to buy impulse items than men
*Everyone would eventually get and die of cancer if we didn't die of other things first - mutated genes just happen and will eventually happen to everyone that doesn't die another way.
*There is a plastic coating over the cheese shreds in shredded store bought cheese to keep the shreds from sticking to one another.
*There is a company that went out of business in England that sold ice cream made from human breast milk - they went out of business not because people didn't want the ice cream but because they couldn't get enough breast milk to make enough ice cream for the demand.
*Clay is one of the ingredients in McDonald's soft serve ice cream
*You can use breast milk instead of saline solution to help your baby's cold. And breast milk in a baby's ear will help with ear infections.
*Scientifically you can get drunk off of water. I don't know the science behind this claim, but it couldn't really happen because you would die from drinking too much water before becoming intoxicated by it.