Monday, June 22, 2015

Bing Rewards

Today's "way to save" is Bing Rewards

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Sign up for Bing Rewards and get paid to search the internet. You get one point for every 2 searches (up to 15 points per day on a computer and up to 10 additional points a day on a mobile device). Get 525 points and you can redeem your points for a $5 gift card (to Amazon or other places). There are other reward options too like sweepstakes and things, but those have never interested me. If you do enough searches, you can gain "status" and get your gift cards for 475 points instead of 525. I've been using Bing Rewards for a little less than a year and I've gotten $50 so far. It basically comes out to $5 every 3 weeks just for searching the internet. (You do that anyway, don't you?)

One of the easiest ways to get points is to set your home search engine to Bing. That way you automatically search using Bing (and therefore automatically get points) just for your everyday searches. I earn points without putting in any extra effort. Changing from Google to Bing has been a very smart decision for me.

And if you just can't give up Google (like my husband), you can sit there and search for random things on Bing when you have a few extra minutes to get some points and then use Google like normal the rest of the time.

What I like about Bing Rewards:
*Money for searching the internet (which I do anyway)
*It only takes about 19 days to get enough points for a $5 gift card. Pretty good considering the lack of extra effort that goes into using Bing Rewards
*It has the same name as my favorite character on Friends

What I don't like about Bing Rewards:
*Setting my default search engine to Bing has also made it so my default map search engine is also set to Bing and I DO NOT like Bing Maps. I have to always go to Google Maps still when I need a map. (But hey, that's my only complaint!)

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