Monday, August 18, 2014

Stories From My Childhood: Bringing or Buying Lunch

In school, as I'm sure it was with pretty much everyone, we had the option to bring our lunch from home or buy it at school. Just about everyone either brought their lunch every day or bought their lunch every day. Not our family. We had the lunch calendar posted on the fridge and decided the night before if we wanted what the school was serving or not. As I've mentioned before, we were picky eaters. Usually picky eaters just bring their lunch from home. But the meals the school served that we did like, we wanted to eat. And our parents preferred for us to buy our lunch. So we were some of the few half-and-half kids. To be even stranger, not only did we actually use the lunch calendar to decide when we would bring or buy, when the new lunch calendar came out, we would look it over and talk about which days we would be bringing and which days we would be buying. We analyzed the lunch menu. You might be a Denton if...

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