Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tuesday's List: My Brother Turned 30

Catching up a little here - my list from Tuesday.

So, Tuesday was my brother Matthew's 30th birthday (which means my 30th birthday is less than 27 months away eek). For his birthday, I gave Matthew 30 envelopes (or packages - at least they would have been packages if I had taken the time to wrap them.) labeled 1-30 each with a card inside (and almost always a little gift) with something to do with the number of the envelope and something to do with Matthew's childhood. So today's list is the list of things I gave to Matthew.

The list is what the cards said - I will put in parenthesis what the gift was (if there was one and if it needs further explanation)

1 birthday, 30 gifts
2 flavors to make Purplesaurus Rex (magnet of a Purplesaurus Rex Kool-aide package)
3 Jasmine buttons
4 Smurf buttons
5 Denton kids who used this book (101 talks for children)
6 Star Wars stickers 
7 Boggle cubes
8 Garfield trading cards
9 Saved by the Bell trading cards
10 people in the Denton clan (photo of the family)
11 characters in The Magic School Bus (there has been a little debate over how many characters there are, so just roll with it...the gift was a Magic School Bus VHS)
12 pieces in a monopoly game (though I only had a couple to give as the gift)
13 TMNT postcards (vintage ones too, not some lame new age TMNT crap)
14 seasons of Ozzie Smith stats (an Ozzie Smith baseball card)
15 groups of piano technique exercises (a piano book from the series from which my mom taught all us kids)
16 photo sources used for this book (webelos scout book - I had to get a little creative with some of these numbers)
17 seasons of pokemon (picture of picachu)
18 chapters in this Berenstain Bears book 
19 today is your birthday (calendar)
20 years since moving to Spanish Trail
21 colors available for m&m personalization (fun size package of M&M - it was going to be a bunch of tan m&ms - remember those - that I was going to get from M&M World in Las Vegas, but that trip got cancelled - you can blame the Provo house vandals for that one)
22 more Garfield books available for purchase from the back of this book (A Garfield comic book)
23 age of Q Basic
24 packs of smarties cuz you’re smart
25 TMNT trading cards
26 Brain quest cards
27 episodes of season 2 of Mighty Max (wikipedia info on each episode of the TV show Mighty Max)
28 age when you moved out
29 B0oggle Jr cards
30 minimum age for this game (the game Reminiscing)

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