Thursday, August 28, 2014

MTurk Story

I'm behind on my "normal blog schedule" and I don't have the time (or topic ideas) to catch up right now. But I don't want another day to go by without posting. So today, I have a little story that I wrote. I sometimes go onto a website called Mechanical Turk. I do random tasks and surveys as artificial artificial intelligence (yes, the double use of artificial is on purpose.) One of the tasks I did was to write a 400+ word dialogue conversations between two people. M is male and S is female and they are good friends. They have to come to a decision quickly as time is of the essence. That was basically all the info I was given as my story starter (plus a little characterization about M). Anyway, I had fun writing this (got paid $2 to do it) and think my dialogue is blog-post worthy. That isn't to say that it is grand writing - just funny and something I thought I'd share. Let me know what you think.

M: What do you mean you're pregnant?
S: I mean, I'm pregnant.
M: You can't be; we were only together that one time.
S: I realize that, but the fact remains that I am pregnant.
M: And you waited until today to tell me why?
S: I was nervous. We've never been more than friends and this is just such an awkward situation. I didn't know what to do.
M: So you call me up at work, leave me a cryptic message, get me out here to an ABORTION clinic to tell me you are pregnant and having an abortion TODAY? Steph, you are crazy!
S: I knew you wouldn't understand Matt.
M: You're right I don't understand. This is insane! I can't be a dad! I'm supposed to play football with the guys next weekend.
S: Well, first off, you can still play football next weekend. And second, I'm not asking you to be a father. Think about where we are right now.
M: Do you realize how selfish you are being? Not only do you not tell me about this until it's almost too late, but you expect me to be okay with all of this?
S: Well, you're sister had an abortion last year.
M: That was different! She was raped! Remind me again why you waited until the last day you qualify for an abortion?
S: So you wouldn't have time to talk me out of it.
M: So why not wait until tomorrow AFTER the procedure. Nevermind. I'm glad you told me about this. Now let's get out of here; you are not killing my child!
S: You don't get a say in this. I've made my decision, the clinic closes in a few minutes and I need to go in NOW!
M: NO! I don't know how we are going to figure this out, but abortion is NOT an option here!
S: Well, having a baby isn't an option either. My mom died in childbirth. I'm not risking that.
M: Ugh. You are impossible to deal with. No wonder we only slept together once. Being your friend is hard enough. Being your boyfriend would bring to suicide! Speaking of death, you are NOT killing our baby!
S: Well, I'm not killing myself!
M: Just because your mom died in childbirth doesn't mean you will. Think about this baby!
S: Think about everything! You want to bring a baby into a family that isn't a family, into a world where I might be dead and with an ass as a father? No. You don't get a say in this. I've decided. Now, you can either come in with me or go home and forget I ever called you. And that I ever slept with you for that matter. Go back to work and do some accounting for your boss, because your accounting skills when it comes to us completely suck!!

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