Friday, October 7, 2016

Product Review: EQtainment Products

EQtainment products are designed to teach emotional intelligence concepts (often called EQ) to preschoolers.

Q's Race to the Top Boardgame:
This game is definitely more fun than most preschooler games. And it teaches concepts that other games usually skip over. The game is super simple: roll the dice, move the piece, draw a card of the corresponding color and do what the card says. Cards may have to answer a question or do a quick action. There are also a couple of short cuts and move backward spaces to keep the game more interesting. When I played with my girls (ages 3 and 4), we had great discussions with our kids while answering the questions and learning about some social skills and emotional regulation skills. The questions are the essence of the game. The board game part (rolling the dice to move up the path to the top of the tree) is simple a means to talk about the questions. But it works really well. I can't imagine the cards being super entertaining without the game part to "trick" kids into learning. Overall, it is a great game for preschoolers.

 Q's Race On the Go Pack:
A cheaper way to get the board game concepts without the game part; just the questions. I like that it is small enough to fit in a diaper bag or purse. I wish it had new questions (rather than 90 of the 150  questions from the game). And I wonder how interested kids will be in talking about the questions without the board game to distract them from the fact that they are learning.

Q-Time Buddy:
My four year old liked it. The concept is great. But just about any stuffed animal would work.

Q's Coloring and Activity Book:
Cute way to keep the character alive for the kids and teach concepts through coloring.

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