Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stories From My Children

My kids are starting to come up with their own stories to tell.


Chapter 3: The hidden garden of Jesus adventures.
One day Jesus found a garden. It was a magical garden and he thought it was his. It was really somebody else's. And it was really his, so he went inside and if you touch the flowers you will get shocked. He touched a flower and got shocked. and he found something in it. It was something to get out. So he went out and inside was another garden with beautiful rainbow flowers. And he got in another door to another garden. And what did he see? More shock flowers. He ran out the regular door and went straight home.

Chapter 4: The hanging magical garden
So one day Jesus found a magical garden in a tree. It was a treehouse. He went inside and what did he see? Somebody used to live in it. He didn't know what to do. But guess what? They found a new place to live so Jesus moved in. But Jesus didn't like it because it didn't have a bathtub. And then he really really didn't want to live there so he went home. The end.

*Side note: These are, according to Caroline, stories that her pink blankie wrote into a book and she was just reading the book to us.



One day there was a smiley face walking on the lines. And then he saw the other guy had a baby in the crib. And then the voice singing there. Yes. And he says Thank you. Then in it that toy the pirate. Then them says nnnnooooo. Them says yes. Those slides are broken. The end.

So one day a smiley come to the smiley face home and he said yes. Must be lost. He was walking through the woods. The smiley face opened the door and he didn't say no again. He go in the woods. He go in them and knock on the door and go in the warm bed. Then the end.

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