Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Things I Learned This Week

1) I learned that an author that I like (Ally Condie) will be at the Provo Library in October - I am so going to the event!!!
2) I learned that there is a "no touching zone" between the US and Canada where trees have been deforested, etc to make the international border very clear.
3) I learned that in Cub Scouts, Webelos was originally an acronym for Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout and later became a backronym for WE'll BE LOyal Scouts
4) I learned the word "backronym."
5) I learned that if Caroline gives you a plate with toy fish on it and you tell her it is smelly, she will take the fish back and pretend to wash it with a pretend baby wipe.
6) I learned that Daisy isn't quite ready for sippy cups - but she is ready to practice.
7) I learned that Daisy has two more teeth coming in - luckily she is a really mild teether and doesn't get too upset about it...let's hope that continues.

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