Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All about My Kids

Since it's Wednesday I will write about my kids.

This morning, when I sneezed, Caroline said: Bless you; good sneeze!

Randomly, Caroline asked to go visit Daddy at work. She said: I want to go to Daddy's job right now!

I gave Caroline a couple of old gift cards to play with. When she asked for more, I told her that is all I have for her; she will have to be happy with three. Her response: No three! I want seven, eight, nine!

Daisy can currently say a few words: mama, dada, and hi. I think she's said "more" too, but she now uses sign language for more and I haven't heard her say anything that sounds like "more" since then. (Brag moment: I showed Daisy the sign for "more" once and she got it. Maybe I'll have to get into baby sign language; I tried it with Caroline, but it never took.)

Daisy likes to growl right now. She'll growl when she's happy, or mad, or playing. Pretty much anytime she isn't sleeping, she could be growling. It's so funny. I'll have to try and get video of it one of these days.

Daisy weighs about 7 pounds less than Caroline. I suppose that is a lot for little kids, but I highly doubt Daisy will be smaller (by weight) than Caroline for too much longer. (Unless we can get Caroline to eat more food - I think she eats less than Daisy.)

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